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Places to visit in dapoli – Dapoli Forts – Harnai Beach – Dapoli beach resorts – beaches in dapoli -anjarle beach

Dapoli Beach

Dapoli Beaches : Dapoli Beach – Dapoli a small town in the Ratnagiri district is everything a holiday destination should be. A perfect place for a beach holiday, Dapoli has something for every one. With a long stretch of beach extending from Kolthare and Dabhol in the south and Kelshi in the north,Dapoli has one of the longest stretch of beaches. The Dapoli temples , seaforts , hotsprings and archaeological sites around Dapoli makes it a complete holiday destination. Dapoli has one of the longest stretch of beach in the entire Konkan. The Dapoli beaches starting from Dabhol stretches through …

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Murud Harnai

One of the most popular beaches in Dapoli, Harnai is a long flat beach with the Suvarnadurg fort looming in the horizons on the northern side and the vast expanse of sandy beach extending upto Karde and further towards the southern side. Murud Harnai beach is perfect weekend spot from Mumbai/Pune. Murud is long stretched unspoiled beach surrounded with coconut and palm trees. Also good number of beach resorts are available for family/group picnics. Don’t miss fresh and delicious Konkani Sea food. Named after one of the greatest visionaries the nation has seen to date, the Harnai beach or the …

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Anjarle Beach

Anjarle Beach Anjarle Beach is one of the finest places in Konkan just 20 km from Dapoli. Anjarle is famous for the ‘Kadyawarcha Ganpati’ (Ganesh temple upon a cliff) and is the primary attraction in Anjarle along with the pristine Anjarle beach. The Anjarle Ganpati temple has a rare “Ujwya Sondecha Ganpati” – Ganesh idol with its trunk turned towards right and is frequented by devotees and tourists alike. Anjarle is one of the secluded beaches in Dapoli. Anjarle has a clean beach with a cover of white sand and is surrounded by palms and trees. Located near an estuary …

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Karde Beach

Karde Beach Karde Beach is one of the most secluded and tranquil beaches in the entire stretch of Dapoli beaches. A vast expanse of flat soft sandy beach awaits you at Karde. Karde beach is also a typical Dapoli beach with a thin film of white sand covering the underlying black sand giving it a very romantic appeal. Karde is the ideal destination to head for if you are looking for a quite romantic weekend. The Karde beach is a very broad and long beach and extends far upto Burundi and Murud Harnai on either sides. Long walks in Karde …

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Ladghar Beach

I am the Ladghar Beach, but the people have given men a holy name and that name is Tamas Teertha. Well, there is a reason behind calling my name, I am called Tams Teertha because at times during the evening when the sun is setting, the Arabian sea, which touches me every time turn into red, and if not in red then in orange. And, this is one of the main reasons which are why tourists and travelers visit me. Ladghar beach is a small stretch of beach seperated from Karde beach by a rocky stretch. The northern end of …

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Dabhol Beach

Dabhol Beach Dabhol Beach – Dabhol town is located on the south-west border of Dapoli tahashil. Vashishthi River flowing from Chiplun merges into the sea at Dabhol and is called as Dabhol creek. Chandikadevi Mandir (temple of Goddess Chandika) and a fishing jetty are the major attractions here and have made it increasingly popular as a tourist destination in Konkan. The idol of Godess Chandika here, believed to be have formed naturally on its own (Swayambhu) and the temple is underground in a natural cave. To reach the diety, you have to pass through a low darkened passage. No light …

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Kelshi Beach :

Kelshi Beach Kelshi Beach – A trip to Kelshi is a perfect weekend getaway from Pune to the rustic charm of Konkan and its serenity. If you want to taste the real village life in konkan, Kelshi is the ideal getaway. A place of religious significance, besides having a long history Kelshi also has one of the most beautiful beach in Dapoli region. Just outside the Kelshi village is the lovely Kelshi beach, which stretches for 2.5 kms and the sunsets here are lauded to be spectacular. Apart from the beaches Kelshi is well known as a pilgrim center, thanks …

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