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Suvarnadurg Fort :

Suvarnadurga fort was built by Adilshah, Sultan of Bijapur and subsequently taken by Shivaji Maharaj in 1660 for the Maratha navy's shipbuilding facility. The fort was severally damaged in the attack by William James in 1755. The solid rock walls of the fort are specimen of the strong fortification of that time. The main gate is apparently hidden and has rock cut figres of tortoise and Lord Hanuman. The unique feature of the place is that the sweet water is available in spite it is surrounded by sea. The sea fort can be accessible only through boat which is not easily available and need to be checked with local fishermen.

Panhalakaji Caves :

Discovered in 1970 Panhalekaji is a complex of 28 - 29 caves filled with exquisite art value wrt architecture and quality of craftmanship. These budhist caves have a few inscriptions in Brahmi and Devanagari and also remnants of statues from 3 AD.

Mandangad Fort :

Also known as Tamas Teertha, the beach is unspoiled and marvellous beauty of Kokan region. The spectacular sunset is one of the prime attraction of the beach. One can also visit the Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth on a way to Ladghar from Dapoli. Datta Mandir and Burundi fishing village are other nearby attractions around the beach. Decent hotels are available for accommodation in surrounding area.